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Quad Event Management System

Quad Event Management System is a multifaceted smart solution that enables Event Planners to plan, create, organize, market & manage entire landscape of a successful event.

With quadEventManagementSystem, Event Managers can check:

  • The availability of facilities on the required dates
  • Pricing Packages Available
  • Services Provided with Packages
  • Additional Services needed, like Security, Parking Assistance
  • Vendor Services Available for Catering, Sound etc.
  • Other Services Available, like Electricity, Telephones, Wi-Fi
  • Associated Parking Facilities for facility and Price Quotes for additional Parking if needed
  • Permissions needed from Client, based on the type of event, number of people, etc.
The application also has the ability to handle the processes associated with the cancellation of the event. All the Communications Logs are stored in the system. There will be a communications logs page associated with the Event. The same page will be available on the Business client side so that the Business Client can view the queries and respond to the queries in the single window. This application can be used at the Facilities to keep track of the regular maintenance tasks that are needed in the facility. Based on the Facility Manager’s inputs the tasks can be sent to the individual employees. The Sales & Marketing team can design Packages including facilities, services and pricings.